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Want A Workstation Computer? Apple And Acer Have Attractive New Alternatives

I even have been trying out two desktop computer systems that couldn’t be extra different.

One of these is Apple’s just-revised MacBook Air, the customer computer that a decade or so ago launched a skinny-and-easy laptop revolution.

The other is Acer’s Spin 13, the newest and arguably optimum Chromebook working Google’s net-centric Chrome OS.

They’re both first-rate laptops — but for radically diverse clients. As a nerd, I bridge the hole as a result of i am a lifelong Apple person who has recently develop into enamored with Chrome OS (although I’d still purchase a Mac). but most people would opt for one or the other according to their needs and tastes.

Which one is correct for you?


I have a familiarity with and fondness for the MacBook Air that goes returned to the laptop’s inception.

In 2008 I traveled to San Francisco for the Macworld Expo the place the primary edition of the MacBook Air was launched.

greater recently, my spouse obtained a MacBook Air after making an attempt to use an Apple iPad pill as her main computing device and discovering it wanting. The laptop has because develop into her liked accomplice — though i love to think she loves me a little bit more.

So i used to be stoked about the new MacBook Air, a long late overhaul, and desirous to are trying it out. Apple sent me one to examine for a few weeks. i like it plenty, and my complaints about it are highly minor.

What i like: This computing device is smaller and lighter than its precursor, yet preserves the Air aesthetic with a wedge-like profile that units this mannequin aside from other Apple laptops. It wouldn’t be an Air without the wedge, which my spouse and i dig.

Enhancements encompass a fine looking high-decision (“Retina”) display, decent horsepower under the hood, a fantastically ginormous trackpad, an influence button that builds in contact id fingerprint authentication (as soon as discovered most effective on excessive-end MacBook professional laptops), and a choice of three shades (gold, silver and house grey).

After using my Air assessment unit for a few month, I’m crestfallen at having to ship it lower back due to the fact it’s been my home and office workhorse (and a stupendous one, at that).

What I don’t like: The monitor is a smidgen dimmer than I’d like. The video-chat digicam isn’t of the best quality. The Air’s entry-level pricing of $1,199 is disappointing (considering that the Air had traditionally hovered round $999) and also you best get 128 gigabytes of SSD storage for that cost.

The Air keyboard has the equal shallow and vicious-feeling design that has garnered combined experiences with other contemporary Apple laptops, however i will be able to live with it. And while the desktop has two USB-C ports, these are inconveniently bunched on one aspect.

The final analysis: i recommend the Air as a mid-latitude pc for people that crave the Apple ecosystem and may make just a few compromises.

The Air is a stronger option than the MacBook, an overpriced and underpowered laptop with an even-lower-exceptional digital camera, only 1 USB-C port, and different boundaries.

You have other alternatives. An entry-stage MacBook pro is a mere $one hundred greater than an entry-stage MacBook Air. Apple is also preserving across the old Air, at that $999 degree, however it is lengthy on the enamel and never a model I’d advocate.

For extra on buying a Mac (notebooks in addition to laptop fashions), take a look at this outstanding new ZDNet article with the aid of David Gewirtz.


About eight years ago, Google made public a concept that gave the impression a little bit strange on the time: to construct notebooks around its Chrome browser, which would turn into a proper operating system. Enter the Chromebook — beginning with a rudimentary workstation Google gave away as a proof of idea.

a very good deal has happened considering the fact that then. many hardware makers have launched Chromebooks, which have ramped up in satisfactory and horsepower. The Chromebook has taken the okay-12 education market by way of storm, giving the iPad severe competition. Chromebooks have crept into the buyer and business spheres.

This brings me to Acer’s Spin 13. It’s one of several new Chromebooks that leave behind the chintziness that has long plagued the laptop category. It’s a tempting choice for those who’ve used stripped-down Chromebooks as okay-12 students and wish an improved-quality laptop for use in school or the work world.

The Spin 13 is a winner, for essentially the most half.

What i like: here is a neatly-developed business-vogue computer with a good-looking high-res display (that, in contrast to that of the Air, is a touchscreen), a keyboard that's at ease and solid (with none of the springiness found on some much less costly Acer notebooks), a more often than not metal construction with elegantly chamfered edges, mighty performance, and an honest option of ports (including a USB-C port on either side).

This isn’t a flashy laptop, like Google’s own PixelBook, but it surely’s of the very best quality. A stylus is protected for use with the touchscreen.

What I don’t like: The Spin 13 is a “convertible” workstation that folds back partly or absolutely to get the keyboard out of ways and emphasize direct reveal interaction. but it surely does so awkwardly; I hardly achieved such a maneuver, preferring to use the Spin as a normal computer lots of the time. (note that Acer sells a Spin 13 cousin, the Chromebook 13, that is simply a desktop and not using a convertibility.)

This Chromebook is spendier than most at $seven-hundred to $1,000 — but you get what you pay for, right? I have discovered sub-$500 Chromebooks to be intolerably slow now and then.

The screen’s three:2 aspect ratio takes getting used to, not like a extra-widespread sixteen:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio on other laptops (the MacBook Air does sixteen:10).

also a possible aspect of friction is the unorthodox Chrome OS, which Mac or windows users might find peculiar — chiefly in the event that they’ve under no circumstances used the Chrome browser. i love Chrome OS, as I observed, but from time to time chafe at its boundaries.

The base line: I don’t see loads of Mac or windows users switching to Chromebooks, so the Spin 13 is primarily now not for that viewers. but for the turning out to be number of people who are already steeped in this ecosystem, it could be the most beneficial alternative available, assuming the expense isn’t an issue.

For greater concerning the Spin 13, examine a in most cases effusive review by using Paul Thurrott.

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Want A Workstation Computer? Apple And Acer Have Attractive New Alternatives